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Posted 08/16/2023

Episode 43: $100,000 for a Wife

A radio play.

This episode is a little out of the standard StoryHack wheelhouse.

A couple of years ago, just as the ridiculous covid restrictions were starting to loosen, I had the chance to direct a live old time radio production at a local theater. This is the recording of that production. I screwed up the recording and pulled sound from my recorder's built-in mics rather than the lines in from my mixing board. Oh well, you can still hear everything, it's just not as good as I would like it to have been.

Also, the show is clearly a romantic comedy, rather than something from one of the genres I usually publish. I thought it was pretty fun, though, and I have nothing else to do with the recording, so I'm posting it here.

It's a script I pulled from an old book of radio scripts, now in the public domain.

My wife Aurora played multiple parts, and my friend Scott Taylor played multiple parts. Kenn from the Legendarium podcast played one of the leads, and the other two were were locals that responded to my call for auditions.

I hope you enjoy $100,000 for a Wife, written by Sol Saks, recorded live at On Pitch Performing Arts in Layton, Utah.

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