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Posted 10/21/2022

Episode 38: The Cronin Matter, from Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

Those of you who know me, know that I enjoy a lot of old time radio programs. One of my favorite series is Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. Johnny is an insurance investigator who travels the globe, well, investigating insurance claims. For a good chunk of the show's run, each adventure was told through five 15-minute episodes. A few years ago, I merged and edited a few of those serial adventures so that they play like a single seamless show, without the extra intro and ending bits. Today's episode is another of these adventures, titled "The Cronin Matter." It involves a long-retired actress and socialite who wants to throw one last party, and wear a crazy valuable piece of jewelry while doing it. The insurance company is worried someone is going to attempt to steal it, so they send Johnny along. Mystery, romance, and gunplay ensues.

The merged show runs about an hour. I hope you enoy it.