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Posted 09/06/2022

Episode 36: Sword of Fire

Jupiter Jones, naked and helpless in the slime of that vile world, cursed the space warp that had flung him down among its groveling mutants. For their rising, exited whispers proclaimed him a knight in shining armor -- the bright weapon in his hands their only hope against the vicious octopods who enslaved them!

Episode 36 is "Sword of Fire" by Robert Emmett McDowell, billed in the publication as just Emmett McDowell. It was first published in the Winter 1949 issue of Planet Stories, and now is in the public domain.

This is one of the oddball recordings I mentioned last episode. I generated the audio using text-to-speech tools as an experiment a while back.

You can find the full text of this story on

Note: The first version of this was a little messed up. Somehow, when I assembled it, I had put Chapter 3 in front of Chapter 2. That should be fixed now.